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Letting Agent: Northwood Residential Lettings

This is our Northwood Residential Lettings letting agent page. Northwood Residential Lettings Cardiff offers houses to rent and flats to rent in Cardiff as well as property to let in Cardiff. Read reviews to find out if others recommend Northwood Residential Lettings, see our map to find out if Northwood Residential Lettings is your local letting agent. | [Edit Text]

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Northwood Residential Lettings
23 Whitchurch Road
CF14 3JN
0870-077 9914
0870-077 9915

Areas Served:

Services Offered:


Letting Agencies Rank
Northwood Residential Lettings
2 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
1 user reviews

Latest Reviews

* DisgruntledExTenant

Northwood are a terrible letting agency. So unclear about prices. Hidden fees at every turn. Unprofessional and clearly uncaring for anyone but their landlords.

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme they offer to Landlords SOUNDS tempting and I can understand why so many, including MY ex-landlord, have chosen them. In theory, having Northwood as the tenant and anyone renting the property as the sub-letter is a great idea. On paper, the person sub-letting (WHO WAS NOT MADE AWARE IT WAS A SUBLET PROPERTY!) is left severely without rights.

I tried to get the contact details of the owner of the property I rented, and Northwood told me I was only allowed my landlord's details, which is them. I only wanted his details so I could speak to him instead of these useless idiots!

Honestly, tenant or landlord. Get out / Don't get involved in the first place. They will leave repairs for months and spread lies between you and the other party.

The ONLY good thing about them is that they are capable of taking a bribe. And even that isn't a good trait to have.

The above is correct and fair and I am in no way trying to mislead anyone. These are my experiences with Northwood Cardiff

Jan 11, 2014

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